Balea Augencreme Beauty Effect / Eye and Lip Serum, 15 ml

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1 pc of Balea Augencreme Beauty Effect Eye & Lip Serum, 15 ml.


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  • Tightens and smoothes
  • Stimulates skin cell structure
  • Provides a cushioning effect
  • * Active ingredient test in vivo
  • ** Drug test in vitro
    Balea Beauty Effect Eye & Lip Serum with hyaluronic acid and isoflavone tightens and smoothes the sensitive skin around the eyes and lips. The skin is improved. The ultra-light texture provides a pleasant cooling effect. The care formula with hyaluronic acid actively cushions from the inside as a natural moisturizing factor, gives the skin smoothness and improves the elasticity. The formula with isoflavones from the iris counteracts the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the supporting tissue and increases cell protection.** A synergistic complex of herbal active ingredients improves the long-lasting moisture of the skin.* Detectable efficacy:* After 28 days of use 2 times a day: reduction of the wrinkle area by 64%

Purple, red


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